We find cars we or our customers love and enjoy driving. We choose the cars which are a good investment and with good mechanics and cosmetic. We sometimes travel far away to get the perfect vehicle.


We maintain cars you care about. We do restoration work by mechanically bringing the vehicle into working order before restoring the interior and exterior.


We make cars shine. We want the cars we touch to look their best. To get there, we pay special attention to their finish. We remove scratches and polish the vehicle completely.


We take care of the paperwork. No need to worry about going to the vehicle inspection, to the customs or the DIV, we'll do that for you.






My story is a father & son one.

For me, it all began in 1983 when I was brought into this world. I got thrown into the cars industry, learnt a lot from my dad, worked in different garages, and haven't left the business ever since. 


A couple of years ago, my dad passed away but left his passion and love of cars with me.

I took over his business always keeping in mind my dad's credo: To be a man of his word.